The most in demand careers and jobs in the EU for 2021

The most in demand careers and jobs in the EU for 2021

The most in demand careers and jobs in the EU for 2021

Hiring for these jobs is on the rise in 2021
If you are looking for work, pay attention to these 5 employments.

After some complicated months, with the arrival of the Covid vaccine, many jobs need your skills.
¡Find out which ones!


1. IT specialists Careers and jobs

Almost all companies are headed to the complete digitalization of their systems, which means an increase in demand for IT specialists. They would be primarily in charge of creating and maintaining information systems to ensure the best, most efficient results possible. IT is an essential support role for any company. But despite the growing need for their services, IT specialists are still scarce in the EU, which makes them a great choice for careers and jobs for foreigners and locals alike.


2. Engineers Careers and jobs

Engineer graduates in all specialties have bright employment prospects in the EU. According to Europe language jobs, 52,000 careers and jobs vacancies are available for engineers in Germany alone. According to the same source, the economical, mechanical and electrical sectors will know a huge wave of retirement in the upcoming years, opening up new positions for the younger generations. Furthermore, Europe is home to some of the world’s most renowned research facilities, in which demand for chemical and structural engineers among many others is as high as can be. Belgium is also in need of great numbers of electrical engineers.


3. Health care specialists Careers and jobs:

With an aging population in most European countries, medical staff is in high demand, which gets it a spot among our list of careers and jobs to apply for in the EU. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, and everything in between are needed in Europe. So, jump on the opportunity to move to a different country, learn a new language, and gain international experience that will escalate your resume to a whole other level. Europe is known for its great healthcare system, so you are sure to learn different things and experience a new working environment.


4. English teachers and education facilitators

Teaching English is a great career option for foreigners looking to earn a living in Europe. The English language has gained popularity all around the world in the past decades as the global business language. Thus, it is imperative for individuals to learn it. There are many different teaching careers and jobs available in the EU. You can work either at a school or an English center. Having previous experience as a teacher or a TEFL certificate will help you get a job in no time. This is a very stable career choice that has a lot of benefits, great vacation hours, and an easy schedule.


5. Social workers

Another great career option in the EU is social services. Staff and personnel are constantly needed in this industry to deal with the increased number of tasks to be done. Working as a social worker is a different type of careers and jobs in our list. Unlike other jobs, you get to work with people from different backgrounds, and help the local community. You will do so by contributing in making your community healthier, safer, and more appropriate for citizens of all ages.

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5 tips to improve home office performances

5 tips to improve home office performances

5 tips to improve home office performances

Hiring for these jobs is on the rise in 2021
Making minor changes can drastically improve productivity and office efficiency in a company.

The success of every company depends on how well its employees perform their tasks. Today, maximizing performance in the modern workplace – the home office – is one of the greatest struggles for many companies that weren’t previously accustomed to a Work From Home (WFH) regimen.

Here are five ways to maximize performance in the modern workplace and ensure that employee satisfaction and productivity are at their highest.


Create the right environment

The home office should be equipped with fast equipment, excellent Wi-Fi connection, and, ideally, it should be away from any distractions. Companies should advise their employees on how to transform the workplace into a comfortable space where they can work and take breaks, as they’ve been used to for so many years.


Optimize communication

Communication is the key to a productive workforce. Even though emails are a good way of communication, there are tools designed to make communication even quicker and more efficient. For most businesses, tools like Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams allow employees to chat or even make a call and settle a matter that might have taken hours of back-and-forth emails. For businesses that handle lots of data, tools such as TRUECHART and KPI-CHAT help get the job done in a fraction of the time.


Reduce time dedicated to emails

Email was revealed to be the second most time-consuming activity for workers, right after their job-specific tasks. To combat this, it is advised that employees dedicate time specifically for emails during their workday to limit the time and energy they waste on responding to messages. A good way to approach this is to handle any and all email work for an hour in the morning or evening – and never even think of emailing during the rest of the day.

Balance work vs. breaks

When employees spend too much time working without taking any breaks, their productivity will decrease. Luckily, there are numerous productivity techniques that can help resolve this issue, such as Pomodoro. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that encourages people to work for rather than against the clock. Pomodoro is the name for a working period that should last for 25 minutes. After completing one Pomodoro, employees take a five-minute break. After completing four Pomodoros, employees should take a longer break that lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes.


Use the right tools & equipment

It is important to provide workers with adequate equipment and tools to complete their tasks effectively and on schedule. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time waiting for documents to print because the office lacks a fast printer. High-quality, modern programs and equipment will undoubtedly make a massive difference and maximize performance in the workplace.

Home office is here to stay and it is a way in which we can work for any company in the world. At the same time, if you own a company, it allows you to hire people who are not in your same workplace. Would you like to do it but don’t know where to start? Contact Us

Pros and cons of summer work

Pros and cons of summer work

Pros and cons of summer work

Hiring for these jobs is on the rise in 2021
Although it is attractive to have part of the year free, it also has its disadvantages.

Working a non-traditional schedule may be appealing to some because it can provide an ideal work-life balance and the ability to arrange your schedule in a way that fits your lifestyle more. From part-time work to summers off, there is a variety of work schedules for today’s job seeker. Having the summers off work is attractive because of the freedom that can come with it, among other advantages.

Here are some advantages you may take advantage of by having a position with summers off:

Travel and leisure: Having summers off can afford you more opportunities to travel or spend your time off doing something you enjoy.

  • Work-life balance: With months off during the year, you may discover a greater work-life balance that fits your needs, which can lead to more productivity and happiness in the workplace when you return.
  • Workplace loyalty: Many employees feel more loyal to their employer when they have summers off because the schedule provides a break from the day-to-day operations they adhere to during the rest of the year.
  • Increased creativity: If you’re able to take summers off, you may find that you have more creativity when you come back to work. A fresh perspective from some time away can lead to greater problem-solving skills and the ability to brainstorm projects with other employees.
  • Lowered stress: An individual who is able to have months off at a time is more likely to experience less stress in the workplace. Having the summers off can be a reset for employees, allowing them to feel more refreshed when they come back to work.

Disadvantages of having a career without summer work:
These disadvantages are ones you may discover if you have a job that doesn’t require summer work:


  • Less pay: Many employers do not pay their staff if they don’t work, meaning that holding a job where you don’t work during the summer can have an effect on your annual pay. To combat this, you may consider creating a budget or applying for a part-time position you can enjoy during the summer months.
  • Loss of motivation: Some individuals may experience a loss of motivation if they aren’t in the routine of going to work consistently. You can build your motivation back up by establishing a daily routine that may involve regular errands or volunteering.
  • Missed opportunity to connect with coworkers: Many people enjoy a work environment where they can collaborate with their colleagues. With summers off, you may communicate with them less. However, you may find ways to connect in person or over video calls to maintain the relationship.

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U.S. adds 850,000 jobs in June, better than expected

U.S. adds 850,000 jobs in June, better than expected

U.S. adds 850,000 jobs in June, better than expected

Hiring for these jobs is on the rise in 2021
Hiring accelerated as the second quarter morphed into a summer that will see a closer to return to normal for Americans held captive for the past year due to the pandemic-related restrictions.

Job growth leaped higher in June as businesses looked to keep up with a rapidly recovering U.S. economy, the Labor Department reported.

As the data continues to point higher, economists are looking for GDP growth in the second quarter to approach 10%, a stunning continuation of a rebound helped by vaccines that have sharply reduced Covid-19 case rates along with hospitalizations and deaths.

The latest numbers bring the total job recovery from the pandemic losses to 15.6 million. More than 22.3 million Americans were laid off in March and April of 2020 amid government-imposed business restrictions, and the total employment level remains 7.13 million below where it was in February 2020.

Hospitality continued to be the prime beneficiary of the reopening as workers returned to jobs at bars, restaurants, hotels and the like. The industry notched a gain of 343,000 amid easing restrictions across the country. That total included 194,000 in bars and restaurants, but still left the sector 2.2 million shy of where it was in February 2020 before the pandemic began. Despite the big increase in jobs, the sector’s unemployment rate jumped to 10.9%.
Other notable gains came in education, which totaled 269,000 across state, local and private hiring, while professional and business services increased by 72,000 and retail added 67,000.

The other services industry added 56,000 jobs, including a gain of 29,000 in personal and laundry services, a subsector that has been seen as a proxy for the resumption of normal business activity. Social assistance added 32,000, while wholesale trade contributed 21,000 to the total and mining grew by 10,000.

Manufacturing edged up 15,000 for the month, though construction lost 7,000 positions despite a sizzling housing industry where new building has been held back by supply shortages and what had been soaring lumber prices before the recent plunge.

The news seems to be good, and little by little jobs and companies are recovering. It would seem to be a good time to hire employees. Are you thinking of doing it and don’t know where to start? Contact Us

2021’s fastest-growing job

2021’s fastest-growing job

2021’s fastest-growing job

Hiring for these jobs is on the rise in 2021
LinkedIn announced new insights that shed light on what’s next for this new year.

These are the top 5 Jobs on the Rise for this year.


1. Professionals on the frontlines of e-commerce

As many sheltered in place this year, retailers and logistics companies onboarded thousands of e-commerce workers to help get products from the store into the hands of customers. Hiring for these roles grew 73% year-over-year — and that demand continues with over 400,000 open jobs right now.


2. Loan and mortgage experts

The combination of historically low interest rates and the rollout of the Paycheck Protection Program loans has kept loan experts busy this year — and sent many companies on the hunt for even more. Hiring for these jobs in 2020 increased nearly 59% from 2019. For people looking to work from home, roughly a quarter of loan officer job postings mention remote work options.


3. Health care supporting staff

The coronavirus pandemic caused a sudden and sustained need for doctors and nurses, but it also created the same demand for the people who support health care professionals. These people help usher patients through the health care system, keep records in order for doctors and much more. Since 2019, hiring for these positions has increased more than 34%. (25 titles)


4. Business development and sales professionals

Businesses were tasked with quickly adapting to an uncertain world and economy. While some jobs were lost, others that could help bottom lines and help businesses navigate through the pandemic were added. Hiring for these roles grew more than 45% between 2020 and 2019.


5. Experts in workplace diversity

Protests sparked by the police-involved shootings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor caused organizations around the world to reckon with systemic racism and a lack of diversity in positions of power. Companies — large and small — turned to diversity experts who could help them bring new voices into their organizations. Hiring for these roles increased more than 90% since 2019.

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