3 benefits of recruiting an international team 

Despite offices opening back up, many companies continue their remote recruitment efforts. Learn more about the three major benefits of looking for fresh talent globally.

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Today, many companies continue their remote recruitment efforts despite offices opening back up, allowing for a more expansive talent pool and widespread brand recognition.

As businesses increase their adoption of remote talent recruitment, they simultaneously become more open to international recruitment. This is partly thanks to flexible work environments, the increased integration of virtual meetings, and shifts in internal operations.

Whether due to necessity or expansion, below are some major benefits of hiring international talent. 


1. Diversity

When organizations hire talent from the same geographic and cultural backgrounds, they are more likely to overlook perspectives outside of their own.

Hiring diverse talent, whether in engineering, marketing, or customer service positions, can help increase creativity, help solve problems faster with new perspectives, help companies connect with their customers, and help businesses build products that truly serve their global markets.

This also cultivates a positive brand perception because hiring internationally shows your company values workplace diversity, embraces new ideas, and promotes inclusion.


2. Increases market insight

Market insight is one of the main benefits of international recruiting. Companies with homogenous workforces must do extensive research when entering new markets, and even then, are prone to legal mishaps or cultural misunderstandings. Having employees spread across the globe gives companies access to experts with intimate knowledge of the market’s norms and complexities and can help better prepare for international expansion. Having people on the ground can reduce research costs and prevent missteps.


3. Win more talent

The primary advantage to international recruitment is that it expands your talent pool. If your open positions are limited only to those who live in the same country, you might struggle to find high-caliber talent. By recruiting internationally, you have a world of options at your fingertips. There are talented professionals in every single country, and you’d be doing your business a disservice by not calling upon their skills and experience. Test and hire employees from all over the world and see just how much it improves your workplace culture, employer brand, and overall market insight.  

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