3 reasons to hire remote Colombian talent

Learn why every company should consider Colombian employees for their workforce.

hiring in Colombia
Time zone

Colombia shares the same time zone with many states in America, making it possible to establish real-time collaboration and direct communication with any outsourcing company there. Things like last-minute meetings and daily correspondence are easier to organize when the custom software development team isn’t working eight to twelve hours ahead of your normal office hours.

Untapped potential

It has been ranked the fourth country with the highest number of internet users in Latin America, and people in Colombia are brimming with fresh ideas and innovative concepts.

Highly educated workforce

Colombia has been named the region’s second-largest educated—and growing—labor force, and people are well-versed in the English language. Therefore, there is little to absolutely no communication gap. They can read, write, comprehend, and speak English fluently and are fast learners.

To recap, a Colombian outsourcing company means immediate, real-time communication and more cost-effective fees. Thanks to their education system, they can guarantee high-quality work.

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