3 remote work tools for remote working

When everyone is working from home, something can be more difficult. Here you can find some work tools to make it easier!

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When you have a team working in the office, everyone clocks in and clocks out. Usually, you have a centralized timeclock that allows this to happen. But when everyone is working from home, it can be more difficult. You don’t want to just assume people are working when they should be. You want to make sure that they’re doing what they’re supposed to do. That’s where TimeBilling comes in. This app will allow you to track the amount of time that your team members are spending working on different tasks in your business.


You can use it as an individual tracker to keep track of your assignments, or your entire team can use it to assign different tasks to different people on the team. It’s also a unique system because it’s the best Kanban-style option. For those who already know and love Kanban, that’s all you probably need to know. But for those who don’t, it’s a simple system to learn.


Do you need a way to share information and ideas with your team? Maybe you and your team (or at least a subset of them) need to be able to communicate about different tasks, or you need to be able to collaborate on a project. If that’s the case, then Miro is an excellent option for you. You can collaborate on Google Docs in the G Suite, but Miro gives you more of a whiteboard style. This can be even easier to collaborate on because you can work everything through the phases necessary to get from the beginning of an idea to the end.

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