A new way to hire

Work changed, it’s time to change the way we employ people too.

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Over the past year, we saw more workers going remote and more collaboration happening online, changing not just work but hiring forever.

It’s no wonder that the world’s top companies now recognize global hiring as a business advantage and opportunity, allowing them to gain insights into new markets and greater diversity in ideas. Additionally, international hiring helps solve challenges around finding the right talent and retaining talent among the growing number of workers who wish to relocate. But it’s not without risks and complexity, which have long created barriers to entry for recruitment teams who want to hire across borders.

So, what is a hiring manager to do? In many hiring scenarios, the most straightforward approach is working with an employer of record.

Why use an Employer of Record (EOR)?

Most recruiters have experienced the pain of finding the perfect candidate for a role, only to turn them down because of the country where they reside. Employers of record provide the solution to this problem.


What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

An employer of record is simply an entity through which you can legally employ your dream hires, regardless of where they live. Do you know about us? https://rootseor.com/ . EOR Roots acts as the worker’s employer on paper, but effectively, your hire will work for your business just like anyone else on your team.

We will typically manage hiring, compliance, payroll, benefits, and more for your foreign employees, thereby eliminating much of the cost and complication from the process of global hiring.

Why businesses need us?

The reality is that most companies don’t have the resources or expertise needed to make global hiring work, and mistakes can come with considerable risks.

For companies with the resources, opening an entity may not be the best use of their time or money. Partnering with us. Roots EOR, is often faster and more cost effective. Reducing cost and complications of global hiring are advantages of EORs, but far from the only ones. Hiring managers also need to be mindful of the risks of misclassifying workers or running astray of labor laws in the foreign countries.

hire best talents everywhere

Fortunately, by working with Roots EOR; businesses can tap into the expertise of employment lawyers and business experts whose entire focus is getting global hiring right. This means that internal talent specialists can focus on doing what they do best, like attracting and retaining the right talent on their teams. Not struggling to keep up with changing laws in multiple countries. Want to Contact us?

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