Making remote hiring easier

More than half of UK firms plan to hire new staff
Working from home is not expected to go away, even those de Covid crisis is coming to an end. Is your company ready to deal with this new type of hiring?

It took a pandemic for many employers to recognize the productivity benefits of working from home. With 42% of the labor force now remote, the state boundaries that once confined us are gone. Remote work is not expected to go away, which means employers have an opportunity to go after diverse talent from around the country. But what if your workplace wants the best talent from a state or country you aren’t registered in currently? Here’s how an employer of record (EOR) can help you comply with regional hiring rules no matter where you are.

Employer of record can help you with your basic hiring needs and make the recruitment process in another country much less arduous and complicated.

Let´s see how:
  • Taking care of all administrative tasks regarding employment locally
  • Taking care of onboarding
  • Setting up the contract in accordance with the local employment laws
  • Managing the payroll and payroll taxes
  • Suppling local benefits administration such as health insurance
  • Handling most of the recruitment expenses, including employment arrangement
  • Managing timesheets for a number of employees
  • Suppling all work permits and visas (if necessary)
  • Ending contracts and dismissing employees

As you can notice an Employer of record takes care of everything
When you get a new hire through an EOR, this person will already be ready to work. The employer of record will have already taken them through the onboarding process and prepared them for the job. Additionally, an employer of record should have their own payroll software and take care of payment for all of their employees. This means no one misses their paycheck and you don’t have to manage pay period timesheets. Finally, if the employee doesn’t fit the position, the EOR will terminate their contract. However, keep in mind that the employer of record doesn’t influence your business decisions and that you as the business owner have full ownership of your staff’s working relationship. The employer of record takes care of the administrative tasks around hiring, from the very first to the last day of an employee’s contract.

For companies worried about compliance as they begin staffing additional remote workers across the world, the EOR gets to find the right people while keeping remote teams engaged in the organization’s success. Want to know more about Roots EOR? Click here