Optimizing home office

We share four-time management techniques. Working from home has excellent opportunities for both productivity and distraction. We give you some ideas to avoid falling into the trap.

Home office

To optimize your time at home, we advise you to follow these tips.

1. Start with a to-do list

Your to-do list can set the tone of your entire day. Try creating a manageable to-do list the night before, and follow it throughout the day. Include everything from a big project to a creating your grocery list on your lunch break and include how long you think each task will take. Check the items off or cross them out when you’re finished.

2. Stop multi-tasking

You may think multitasking saves you time, but your brain takes at least 15 minutes to refocus whenever you switch tasks. As you multitask on two or more things, your mind has to shift focus continuously, and it can hurt your productivity. Try focusing on one task at a time and switch focus only when you finish. You’ll be less distracted, and you may even complete tasks quicker than if you tried to do them all at once.

3. Stay away from personal tasks

This is one of the biggest downfalls of working at home. It may seem quick to wash a couple of dishes, but then you’re also putting in a load of laundry, paying bills and taking out the dog. You wouldn’t do those things in an office, so you need to treat working from home the same way.

4. Don’t surf the web

4. Don’t surf the web
Many jobs today require using the internet, sometimes during your entire shift. However, the internet can also turn into a black hole. Surfing the web can lead to large amounts of wasted time — not to mention if you start scrolling through social media. Turn your phone off, so you’re not tempted to check it during the day, and take breaks from your computer if you feel tempted to check on the news or the weather.

If you manage to put into practice any of these tips you will see how your work improves remarkably. Do you dare to try it?

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