Pros and cons of summer work

Hiring for these jobs is on the rise in 2021
Although it is attractive to have part of the year free, it also has its disadvantages.

Working a non-traditional schedule may be appealing to some because it can provide an ideal work-life balance and the ability to arrange your schedule in a way that fits your lifestyle more. From part-time work to summers off, there is a variety of work schedules for today’s job seeker. Having the summers off work is attractive because of the freedom that can come with it, among other advantages.

Here are some advantages you may take advantage of by having a position with summers off:

Travel and leisure: Having summers off can afford you more opportunities to travel or spend your time off doing something you enjoy.

  • Work-life balance: With months off during the year, you may discover a greater work-life balance that fits your needs, which can lead to more productivity and happiness in the workplace when you return.
  • Workplace loyalty: Many employees feel more loyal to their employer when they have summers off because the schedule provides a break from the day-to-day operations they adhere to during the rest of the year.
  • Increased creativity: If you’re able to take summers off, you may find that you have more creativity when you come back to work. A fresh perspective from some time away can lead to greater problem-solving skills and the ability to brainstorm projects with other employees.
  • Lowered stress: An individual who is able to have months off at a time is more likely to experience less stress in the workplace. Having the summers off can be a reset for employees, allowing them to feel more refreshed when they come back to work.

Disadvantages of having a career without summer work:
These disadvantages are ones you may discover if you have a job that doesn’t require summer work:


  • Less pay: Many employers do not pay their staff if they don’t work, meaning that holding a job where you don’t work during the summer can have an effect on your annual pay. To combat this, you may consider creating a budget or applying for a part-time position you can enjoy during the summer months.
  • Loss of motivation: Some individuals may experience a loss of motivation if they aren’t in the routine of going to work consistently. You can build your motivation back up by establishing a daily routine that may involve regular errands or volunteering.
  • Missed opportunity to connect with coworkers: Many people enjoy a work environment where they can collaborate with their colleagues. With summers off, you may communicate with them less. However, you may find ways to connect in person or over video calls to maintain the relationship.

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