Three strategies for finding full-time remote work jobs

There’s no doubt that remote work is here to stay. But, how do you combat the barriers to securing a job? Let’s look at three key strategies for finding remote work jobs in 2022.

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Update your LinkedIn profile

It’s important that your work and education experience is not only up-to-date but outlined in a way that would bring context for a hiring manager from overseas who may not be familiar with the university you attended or companies you’ve worked for. Is your university highly ranked or respected? Say so. Is your company a market leader in your country? Say so. And make sure to include any awards, accolades, or impressive results that will signal you’re a rockstar.

Highlight your remote work experience

Companies want to hire people that are even more productive at home than in the office. Talk about your productivity journey working from home during the pandemic. Emphasize your wins and accomplishments, such as launching a successful project virtually, implementing an asynchronous workflow, or onboarding new team members through Slack and Zoom.

Look further from home

An increasing number of remote positions are location agnostic – meaning you don’t need to live near the office in order to apply. Make sure you read the job description carefully. Some remote jobs are fully remote whereas others are hybrid positions, meaning you work remotely part of the time and on-site for the balance. While most remote-first companies have now implemented asynchronous workflows that make it easier to collaborate across timezones, always ensure that you clearly understand the expectations around working hours, especially if you’re not in the same timezone as your manager. Nobody likes a 2 am meeting!

Today there are few jobs that cannot be done remotely

You can even live in one country and work for a company from another. Do you want to know how? Contact us

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