The Airbnb effect

The announcement led many companies to question their way of hiring.

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Airbnb told its 6,000 employees that they would have the option to permanently work remotely and also told its U.S. employees that they could move to anywhere in the country without a reduction to their compensation.

Although remote work grew remarkably, the announcement generated a lot to talk about in the world of work and led many companies to ask themselves if it is feasible to hire people from anywhere in the world.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky announced on Twitter “Five key features” of its new work policy, which goes further than several other tech giants in its flexibility for employees:

1. You can work from home or the office—whatever works best for you.

2. You can move anywhere in the country, like from San Francisco to Nashville, and your compensation won’t change

3. You have the flexibility to live and work in 170 countries for up to 90 days a year in each location.

4. We’ll meet up regularly for team gatherings. Most employees will connect in person every quarter for about a week at a time (some more frequently).

5. To pull this off, we’ll operate off of a multi-year roadmap with two major product releases a year, which will keep us working in a highly coordinated way.

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Many companies are already thinking of applying this model. In fact, there are many who have been applying for it for years. Did you know that it is possible to legally hire people anywhere in the world? Contact us

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