3 work trends post Covid-19

Some changes that employment suffered will not return even if the pandemic is over.

Work trends
Hybrid work becomes mainstream

Hybrid work is here to stay. With 75% of hybrid or remote knowledge workers agreeing their expectations for working flexibly have increased, there is no doubt that the future is hybrid.

In fact, if an organization were to go back to a fully on-site arrangement, it would risk losing up to 39% of its workforce. You must create a new, human-centric model for the hybrid environment by designing work around employee-driven flexibility, culture connectedness and human leadership.

There’s a shortage of critical talent

HR leaders are under more pressure than ever to fill roles with those with critical skills to meet market needs and drive organizational change.

While there’s an urgency to obtain scarce, critical capabilities, there’s also an effort to optimize costs in the current economic climate.

To fill skills needs both effectively and efficiently, broaden the range of talent strategies under consideration, either as part of your strategic planning or as needs arise.

For example, develop processes, norms, and infrastructure that facilitate the mobility of employees from their current roles to other existing or newly created roles within the organization.

This creates an internal labor market and makes it easier and more attractive for employees to move jobs without exiting the company.

Turnover will increase

Turnover has significantly increased when employees are required to come back into the office full-time, and 52% of employees say flexible work policies will affect the decision to stay at their organization.

Turnover will continue to increase because the emotional costs of leaving the organization are lower when hybrid and because there’s more choice in employers when location is no longer a factor.

To combat this sustained turnover, connect hybrid employees to the organization’s culture and invest in talent processes to expand employee networks.

You can also find more information about work trends in the Loop Health website.

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