Maximize your remote productivity

Essential tools & software for 2024

remote productivity

Here are some tools that were commonly used for remote work:


Slack: Real-time messaging and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams: Integrated communication and collaboration platform.

Zoom: Video conferencing and virtual meetings.

Project management

Asana: Task and project management.

Trello: Visual project management using boards and cards.

Jira: Advanced project management, particularly for software development.

Collaboration & file sharing

Google Workspace: Collaboration and document sharing.

Microsoft 365: Office applications with collaboration features.

Dropbox: File hosting and cloud storage.

Time tracking

Toggl: Time tracking and productivity monitoring.

Clockify: Time tracking with features for teams.

Virtual meetings & webinars

Webex: Video conferencing and collaboration.

GoToMeeting: Online meetings and webinars.

Task automation

Zapier: Connects apps and automates workflows.

Make: Automation platform for connecting apps.


LastPass: Password management and security.

VPN Services: To secure remote connections.

HR & recruitment

BambooHR: Human resources management system.

Greenhouse: Recruitment and applicant tracking system.

Learning & development

Udemy for Business: Online learning platform for teams.

LinkedIn Learning: Professional development courses.

remote staff

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