Working with employer of record and leveraging time zones

Explore the benefits of hiring employees everywhere. 

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These points highlight the benefits of working with employers of record and strategically managing time zones in a globalized work setting:

Global workforce

EORs enable access to a global talent pool, allowing organizations to assemble teams with diverse skills and experiences.

24/7 Operations

By strategically distributing work across different time zones, businesses can maintain continuous operations and improve productivity.

Efficient workflow

Taking advantage of time zone differences can lead to a more efficient workflow, with tasks progressing around the clock as teams hand off work to one another.

Faster turnaround

Projects can benefit from faster turnaround times as tasks are completed during the working hours of different teams, reducing overall project timelines.

Customer support

EORs can facilitate 24/7 customer support, ensuring timely responses to inquiries and issues from customers across the globe.

Optimized resource allocation

Distributing tasks based on time zones allows for optimal utilization of resources, ensuring that skilled professionals are available when needed.

Cost savings

Operating in different time zones can potentially lead to cost savings by minimizing idle time and maximizing the efficiency of resources.

Increased flexibility

Employees may enjoy increased flexibility in work schedules, accommodating individual preferences and promoting work-life balance.

Enhanced collaboration

Despite physical distances, leveraging time zones can encourage collaboration, with teams seamlessly transitioning tasks and maintaining a cohesive work environment.

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