Remote work is here to stay

It not only benefits employees, this way of working also benefits companies. Find out why.

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When remote work (also referred to as telecommuting) first began, many companies didn’t immediately trust the concept. What they probably pictured was employees slacking on the job watching re-runs on television rather than working. Without direct supervision, companies didn’t believe that employees would do as much work at home as they did in the office.

Another concern that companies had with remote work was that it would negatively impact communication and collaboration with other team members if all the employees weren’t on-site together.

Fast-forward to present day, where remote work has now become more than just a “nice to have” benefit; many workers now expect to be able to work remotely. Remote work isn’t just a benefit for the workers, but also for companies. Let´s see why:

1. Increases productivity
  • Remote workers tend to be more productive because:
  • Don’t need to commute into work.
  • They can finish their work on their own time.
  • Workers aren’t distracted by their coworkers.
  • Your team can take breaks when they need to.
  • Their schedule is more flexible.
  • They are self-motivated.

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2. Reduces costs

You don’t need to rent office space to be in business. There are certain advantages to gathering your whole team in the same space, but your costs would also increase. Remote teams can significantly move the needle the other way.

3. Remote workers are healthier

Numerous studies and research show that certain aspects of in-housework have negative effects on mental and physical wellbeing, and these can be mitigated or reduced by working remotely.

Remote workers can be happier and healthier, and the knock-on effects can have positive impacts on your business.

Remote workers are just as productive (if not more) than their in-office counterparts. Office environments can be noisy and distracting, often with constant interruptions. Working remotely removes most of the normal in-office distractions and allows employees to have control over their day and focus on their work. The teamwork doesn’t suffer like some companies think because of the available collaboration and communication tools available.

start now with your remote work team

Remote work and the demand for it will only continue to increase. Companies who have a more flexible work force are well placed and well-prepared for the future. Want to hire employers remotely from any part of the word? It’s easy!. Contact us

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