4 reasons employees don’t want to return to the office

Going to the office is a thing of the past. Employees prefer to have their own workspace at home.

1. The commute is too long and too expensive

No one likes sitting in traffic, especially employees who are being called back to the office.

2. There’s no flexibility in work days

Another reason why employees are hesitant to return to work is because they’re worried their hours and days are going to look the same as they did before the pandemic: the traditional 9-5 weekday schedule. A benefit of working from home is that work days can look very different. At home, there’s no desk that employees are bound to sit at or a manager looking over their shoulder.

3. Slow or outdated technology

It’s difficult to work in an office with frequent Wi-Fi shortages, no tool to book meeting rooms, or outdated check-in procedures. Employees who work from home are able to control the quality of their technology, or they don’t have to deal with outdated workplace technology at all.

4. Their colleagues aren’t onsite

Imagine getting ready to come into the office with a full plan of who you’re going to collaborate and meet with, and then entering the office to find it empty. Employees may feel like they wasted their day coming into the office when the people they need to work with aren’t there.

happy employees

Returning to the office is not an option for many employees. More and more companies and employees prefer teleworking, and this makes it possible to create remote teams from different parts of the world in a legal way. Want to know more? Contact us

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