The best time of year to find a job

Not every month is the same to look for and find a job. In this article we explain why a good season to do it begins.

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Companies tend to hire most in January and February.

This is mainly because:

  • New hiring budgets that go into effect at the beginning of a new year.
  • The time of year that many corporate employees, including hiring managers, return from their holiday vacations.
  • Work slows down during the winter months, which creates more space for time-consuming projects like writing and posting job openings.

In December people tend to go on holidays, the office environment feels more relaxed. It is common for departments to notice employees working at a slower pace as they become involved in holiday activities.

Although January and February are known as the top months to get hired, you may experience slower than usual responses the first two weeks of January as employees return from vacations. But in general, if you’re looking to get hired, these are the best months to pursue job openings. The new year inspires hiring managers to accomplish the tasks they’ve been putting off. Much of that inspiration originates from updated budgets that allow managers to make important decisions, like hiring additional staff members.

February is the best month of the year to find a job because workers are back in the office and working at their usual pace. Job listings posted in January produce a great number of candidates by February, which motivates employers to start scheduling interviews, and ultimately, hire new people.

Although there are times when it is more advisable to look for work than others, it is always a good time for new opportunities.

Make sure you always have:

  • Update your resume
  • Keep learning
  • Continue to make progress
  • Be flexible

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