Two main reasons why workers will be flush with job opportunities in 2022

Americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers, and economists say the Great Resignation is likely to keep up well into 2022.

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In this article we present two main reasons why economists believe workers will continue to have their pick of jobs in 2022, and what it will take for more Americans to rejoin the labor force.

Demand for goods will remain high

Retail sales were higher than expected in October, according to the latest report from the Commerce Department, meaning that Americans are buying a lot of stuff. Businesses are doing what they can to keep pace with consumer demand, especially heading into the holiday season, by hiring workers to produce, transport and sell more goods.

But industries with some of the highest numbers of job openings are experiencing the highest turnover, especially across retail and manufacturing, Pollak says. This kind of labor crunch incentivizes businesses to do everything they can to attract and retain workers through better pay, perks and working conditions.

Demand for services is recovering

Covid-19 pushed many in-person events from 2020 into the next year, and this summer’s contagious delta variant pushed additional 2021 events into the future. With improved vaccination rates and pandemic conditions in general, Pollak says a bunch of events from the last two years will finally happen in 2022.

That means a sharp rise in vacations, concerts, weddings, conferences and other live events — as well as a need for businesses to staff up for all these occasions.

As people return to daily public life, the need for workers across sectors like transportation, leisure and hospitality, and other services (which ranges from auto workers to hairstylists to laundry workers) will rise. Some reports estimate the infrastructure bill will help create 1 million jobs over the next five years, with the most immediate gains in construction.

don’t miss out on new opportunities

As we can see, the labor demand will be on the rise and there will be many options that employees will have when choosing where to work. Even today we know that it can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.
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