Want to work for a company in another part of the world?

The benefits could be tempting . Find out how to do it!

Work abroad

Finding a job in a foreign country may seem like an overwhelming task. Here some tips:

1. Use social media to inform associates you’re looking for work overseas. Take advantage of social media websites to look for positions. In addition, use social media to promote yourself. Create a LinkedIn account. Establish a professional profile on Facebook and Twitter. By using social media, you’ll expand your reach

2. Establish and strengthen connections you have in the country. The more people you have in your network, the higher the chances that you’ll find a position in the country and industry you want to work in.
Attend conferences and join trade associations in the country you want to work in.
Spend extra time socializing at conferences and other meetings. You may meet someone who can help you get a job.
Reconnect with old associates (by phone, email, or by meeting for lunch or coffee) who may have connections in the country you want to work in.

3. Search the job sites of multinational companies. Depending on your career and skill set, you may be able to find a job by looking at the job openings on the employment pages of large multinational corporations.
Focus on companies in industries that you have the skills to work in.

4. Look on international job search websites. Set aside some time and look through job postings on international job websites. International job sites will have more postings outside your home country than other websites. Consider websites like:

5. Learn about the culture of specific companies you want to work for. Before submitting your resume or interviewing, do some research on the company itself. Visit the company’s website and read news articles about the company. By doing this, you’ll gain more of an idea of the type of candidate the company is looking for, and you will be better able to market yourself to the person in charge of hiring.

work abroad

And once you have found a job in another part of the world, don’t worry about the legal conditions of your contract: we take care of that! do you want to know how? Contact us

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